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Restore Distribution

    Date: Sat, 20 Oct 90 13:02:50 EDT
    From: rwtucker@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Richard W. Tucker)

	Date: Tue, 16 Oct 90 17:38:37 EDT
	From: orgren@RTC.Reston.Unisys.COM (Paul Orgren)

	Just having gone through loading Genera 8.0, I would argue that the
	"Restore Distribution" ...
				   To de-select .IBIN files and ...

    I suppose you could define the logical pathname Sys: **; *.ibin to
    translate to a null device...  but I don't know how to create a
    Symbolics pathname that works as a null device.  I've wanted one on

There is no null file system in Genera, although there's a null stream
(#'SYS:NULL-STREAM).  If you have a Unix file server and you're using
FTP to access it you could translate sys:**;*.ibin to unix:/dev/null
(this won't work if you're using NFS, as it doesn't support remote
access to device files).