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DOS Lisp

     From payer@atc.bendix.com:
      I'm looking for a Lisp (preferably CL) compiler/interpreter
      to run on a 386/486 platform under DOS. Foreign function calling 
      capability for interfacing to a C library is a must. 
      I would prefer a real basic system, without a graphical interface, 

   I conducted this search recently, with a few basic but strict
   criteria: cost (for personal use), legitimate CL implementation,
   DOS extended memory usage, and preferably a compilation capability.
   Depending on your price range, the best I found were IQC Lisp
   (Integral Quality) and MuLisp (Soft Warehouse), both in the $300-$400
   range, and Star Sapphire Common Lisp, a greate low-cost system (w/o
   compiler, but $90).  Hope this helps..