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NFS Authentication problem

We have an annoying problem here at our site:
we are running NFS under Genera 8.0 on 3600-machines and 
NFS under Genera 8.0.1 under an UX400S in a SPARCserver 370.
But, if I want to access a directory of a UNIX host which is
properly exported and mountable by everyone the UX400S asks
me always for my user password while the 3600s run without any
Why do the UX wants an authentication from me. The namespace
entries are identical for every machine and I have defined
an UNIX host as Yellow Page server in the Site object.
Moreover, I have tried to set every global variable of the NFS
package to nil except the one which decides wether to use 
Yellow Pages or not. Then, I dumped all global variables
on the 3600s and the UX400S to see if there is a different setting,
but njet.
Anybody with the same problems out there?


Bernd Wild                                                    bwild@fzi.uka.de
Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 10-14
D - 7500 Karlsruhe 
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