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Modem Info

I am presently running on an old Symbolics 3600 w/ the vadic modem that came
with the machine.  This modem has not been used in years, and I cannot find
any documentation concerning it.  I am trying to resuscitate the modem into use.
The machine has since been moved and I am not sure if its switches are set
right.  I need to call into a secured VAX that dials back the remote host for
transfering files.  Unfortunately, the VAX only transfers the files by KERMIT.

My 2 queries for info, are:

1) Any information on the modem and its switch setting would be appreciated.

2) Where can I find kermit for the Symbolics?  Presently, we are running
   Genera 7.2.

Please send the responses either directly to me at CURTE@BEOWULF.JPL.NASA.GOV
or by mail at the following address.
   William Eggemeyer
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
   M.S. 301-250D
   4800 Oak Grove
   Pasadena, Ca.   91109

Thanks.  PS If your responses are short, SLUG mail is sufficient. Thanks again!