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UX1200S Press Announcement

Contact:  Susan Zellmann-Rohrer, Symbolics, Inc., (617) 221-1021
          Mimi Englander, Sterling Hager, Inc., (617) 259-1400

                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


-- New Symbolics UX1200S supports multiple processors within 
   a single Sun host --

-- Provides desktop access to cost-effective Lisp processing 
   network server --

BURLINGTON, Mass., October 16, 1990 -- Symbolics, Inc., 
(NASDAQ:SMBX), today unveiled the Symbolics UX1200S, the 
Company's next generation co-processor for Lisp-based 
applications running on popular SPARC-based workstations 
from Sun Microsystems, Inc.  This new processor offers a 
performance improvement of 300% over the existing Symbolics 
UX400S product.  The UX1200S brings Genera 8.0, the latest 
version of Symbolics' widely acclaimed object-oriented 
development system, to the UNIX environment.  The Company 
also announced that up to five UX1200S processors may be 
configured within a single Sun host and accessed remotely 
from any X Window System-based terminal or workstation.  
The UX1200S can now be configured as a high performance 
networked server offering a powerful platform for the 
development of AI, CAD/CAE, manufacturing and other 
advanced engineering applications.

Gary Roberts, Symbolics' senior product manager, stated, 
"Combining the power and capabilities of the UX1200S with 
the familiarity of Sun's UNIX environment provides the 
developer of object-oriented and symbolic processing 
programs with the best of both worlds.  The UX1200S/Sun 
combination provides a hardware and software environment 
that is especially designed to help the programmer tackle 
complex application requirements."

In addition to a fast, effective instruction rate, UX1200S 
hardware provides such features as an extended instruction 
set that directly supports object-oriented programming; 
transparent, automatic storage management; and memory 
management that gracefully handles the large, active 
virtual memories normally used in the rapid software 
development process.

The UX1200S co-processor including 20MB of ECC memory and 
the Genera development environment will be available in 
December 1990 for $23,500 (U.S.).  An additional 20MB of 
add-on memory is available for $6,000 (U.S.).

Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is the 
leading provider of symbolic processing hardware and software 
used in sophisticated applications, including interactive 
scheduling and planning, hypertext-based publishing, computer-
aided mathematical computing and HDTV-based graphics imaging 
and processing.

Symbolics, Symbolics UX1200S and Symbolics UX400S are 
trademarks, and Genera is a registered trademark of Symbolics, 
Inc.  All product names used herein which are not the trademarks 
of Symbolics are the trademarks of their respective owners.