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S-Geometry version 6.0.1

On attempting to load S-Geometry 6.0.1, my machine (3640 genera 8.0.1)
went into the debugger several times with three types of error traps,
each time I proceeded, reasoning that the traps referenced code that had
not been released yet:  

1) File blah.bin is not a bin file
my response: Skip Loading
2) Function function-name is undefined
culprits: add-flavor-to-known-types
my response: (defun function-name (&optional a b c d e f))
3) Variable variable-name is unbound
culprits: sys:flavor
my response: use Nil 

I need to demo some code that I have written for version 6.0.1 on the 12
Nov '90, so I would be *very* happy if someone could help me out either
with the appropriate responses or the missing functions/variable

Arthur A. Keen
Knowledge Based Systems Lab.
Texas A&M University
College Station,TX