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Hardcopy problem/annoyance

    Date: Mon, 05 Nov 90 17:00:02 -0800
    From: jbarnett@nrtc.northrop.com (Jeff Barnett)

    The following is a skeleton of some code that I am using to make images
    on our hardcopy printers, a Symbolics LGP3 and a postscript printer hung
    on one of the local UNIX machines.  In all cases, the output consists of
    two pages, the first blank and the second containing the desired image.

Looks like a bug in 1(graphics::with-room-for-graphics-internal-1 lgp::postscript-output-stream)0.

It fails to do 1:check-page-exists0 before the calculation that sees
whether the cursor would be off the page at the end of the block.

Here's the simple workaround:

			       :LANDSCAPE-P T))
0						   :MOVE-CURSOR NIL)

If your actual example cannot live with the fresh-line, you can add
1(send stream :check-page-exists)0 manually before any output.