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YYonX 1.2 is available !!

   >>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 08:45 EST
   >>From: WJL@ZERMATT.lcs.mit.edu (Bill Long)
   >>It's better than ever before, runs on X, has enhanced graphics features,
   >>but for us uninformed -- What is YYonX?
   >>-Bill Long
Since I got several mails from slug members requesting the info,
I attached the top half of the contents of 'WHAT.IS.YYonX' file here.
For many persons who cannot FTP to us, send me E-mail request.
I will send back all the package.

                What is YYonX
                                               by Masayuki Ida

1. What is YY ?
YY is a network oriented window toolkit for Common Lisp.
YYonX is an implementation of YY for X-window.

2. YYonX characteristics ?
The Major Characteristics are:
1. It is a pilot implementation of YY for X.
2. It used a server/client model.
 YY-server is a X-client for low level stuffs.
 YY-client is a X-client for an application part and API.
3. CLOS oriented portable tool kit.
4. Never make a Xlib (CLX) call by user.
5. There is YY-Protocol for the communication between YY-server and
 YY-Protocol enables the co-operation of YY-server and YY-client
 over TCP/IP, and has a highly compressed format.
6. For example, you may use a SUN3/60 X-server, a SUN4/260 YY-server,
and a YY-client on a different machine to execute YYonX based application.
7. Tested X-windows are X11R4, X11R3.