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public mailbox request addresses sought


We are looking for a list of public mailbox request addresses (e.g.
slug-request@ai.sri.com) accessible by internet (including uucp etc.)
relating to the following topics:  Common Lisp, Symbolics color (for
those into S-products and animation etc.)for concordia, or Statice, or
other products from Symbolics or other sources, or special interset
groups.    I'd appreciate your sending any of these that you
know about to the two addresses in the cc field.

Also, I'd like to know if there are mailboxes for Xerox or TI users
groups.   My apologies in advance to anyone who doesn't think
this last request is appropriate on SLUG.   I'm just filling
in some time while waiting for Symbolics customer support to
return the call I made a week ago.  ;^)

Joe Karnicky