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    Date: Tue, 6 Nov 1990 21:14-0500
    From: Leonard N. Foner <Foner@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

	Date: Thu, 1 Nov 1990 17:26 EST
	From: JFK@BOLD-EAGLE.varian.dialnet.symbolics.com (Joe F. Karnicky)

	(2) Frequently, my system gets into a state where it is not possible for
	me to successfully probe Riverside.   My modem goes off hook, dials,
	Riverside answers, and I see a carrier detect.  However, the carrier is
	then immediately lost.   This seems to be a Riverside-specific problem
	as I can successfully dial up other (non-Symbolics) computers.
	I'm currently working with Symbolics software support on sorting out
	what's going on.
	(any suggestions?)


    I'm currently investigating some bugs in Riverside's serial handling.
    These bugs are in software that is not yet out in the field, so customers
    won't be running into them except as victims of Riverside's occasional
    lossage.  You've probably noticed that, except for a couple of days of
    flakiness, Riverside appears to be back on the air, right?

Right. For the last several days Riverside appears to be very reliable.

Joe Karnicky