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printers -- printers -- printers


This is a request for experience or suggestions or ???


We are starting an investigation into what options (if any) we have for selecting a new
printer. We currently have an lgp3 and it works fine, but is majorly slow. We have occasion
to print 500-700 page reports/analyses and wouldn't even mind the speed of the lgp3 so much
if it had a larger paper tray (so that we could leave it un-attended overnight).

Anyway, the questions:

Will any PostScript printer work? Or only Adobe PostScript printers (versus PostScript

Has anyone had any problems/successes with faster printers?

Is there a way to speedup the lgp3? Get larger capacity paper trays?

Are there any PostScript printers that can connect directly onto the ethernet?
If so, does one have to build his own network spooler for this?

Is there any move within Symbolics to "officially" support other printer options?

Are there any other questions I need to be concerned with?

Thanks in advance...