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Please reply to hull@ucf-cs.UCF.EDU (Richard Hull)

From: hull@ucf-cs.UCF.EDU (Richard Hull)
Newsgroups: comp.graphics
Subject: Fast Graphics on Symbolics 36XX
Summary: Fast graphics on Symbolics 36XX
Keywords: Symbolics graphics
Date: 10 Nov 90 06:51:13 GMT
Distribution: comp
Organization: Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando

I am trying to write a PHiGs type package for use on a Symbolics 3653
machine, but I am frustrated with the slow drawing using Symbolics' 
dynamic windows drawing primitives.  I have turned off output history
recording and have set up the listener to use fast scan conversion
but the output is still pitifully slow.  Has anyone out there found
a solution to this problem or is the LISP architecture just too slow?