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David Moon is departing

David Moon has announced his intention to leave Symbolics to pursue a
unique opportunity to develop a new operating system.  David was a
founder of the company, and over the past decade has been involved in
virtually every major project within Symbolics.  His extraordinary
accomplishments were honored with a Corporate Fellowship in 1985, and he
was promoted to Symbolics Fellow in 1989.

Before joining Symbolics, David was instrumental in the development of
the original Lisp Machine hardware and software at the MIT Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory.  At Symbolics he has served as hardware
architect and engineer, software architect and engineer, innovator and
evangelist for Symbolics technology, ambassador to the larger technical
community, and mentor and friend to all.  He was the principal designer
of the 3600 and Ivory processor architectures, and has contributed
greatly to Genera throughout its evolution.  He was responsible for the
design and implementation of the ephemeral garbage collector, the New
Flavors programming language, and the MacIvory embedded processor
architecture.  David was a key contributor to the Common Lisp, CLOS, and
X3J13 ANSI Common Lisp standardization committees, and the success of
these standards efforts is due significantly to his patience and energy.

In all of his endeavors, David has inspired his coworkers with the
counsel and wisdom of a mentor and the support and respect of a peer.
We will greatly miss his talents, insight, and humor, and hope that his
new venture will provide the kind of challenge he is seeking.