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BIN dumper question

    Date: Fri, 16 Nov 1990 19:01 EST
    From: jbarnett@nrtc.northrop.com (Jeff Barnett)

    I would like to use the BIN dumper to (re)store some simple data structures,
    e.g., conses, symbols, strings, defstructs, and numbers, but no code.  Can
    I do this, then load the same file on both 3600's and the Ivory machines?
    If so, what are the restrictions on the kinds of structures that I can put
    in the file?  If not, is there any work-around, e.g., can I dump both a BIN
    and an IBIN from the same machine?


The only difference between IBIN and BIN is the "I".  As long as you
don't have compiled code in the file, either machine can read and write