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BIN dumper question

    Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 16:01:27 -0800
    From: jbarnett@nrtc.northrop.com (Jeff Barnett)

    I would like to use the BIN dumper to (re)store some simple data structures,
    e.g., conses, symbols, strings, defstructs, and numbers, but no code.  Can
    I do this, then load the same file on both 3600's and the Ivory machines?

Yes.  (SYS:DUMP-FORMS-TO-FILE is the simplest interface function.)

    If so, what are the restrictions on the kinds of structures that I can put
    in the file?  

Code is the only architecture restriction.

The dumper itself cannot dump circular structures -- you have to break
the cycles before dumping and restore them when loading.

By convention, I use the BIN file type.  The :BINARY-DATA module type
will keep SCT happy for distribution (same file for both :Machine Type's).