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S-Geometry version 6.0.1

   Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 11:52 PST
   From: JHiscox@WHITE.SWW.Symbolics.COM (Jennifer J. Hiscox)

   However, we have MCC on record as being a graphics combo customer, which
   means you are entitled to all of the S-Products.  We ship these as a
   complete world, rather than having customers load many systems
   from five distribution tapes: color, paint, dyna, render, geometry.  We
   do this for a variety of reasons, first is that the majority (over 90%)
   of customers that get these are artists and they have repeatedly told us
   that they do not enjoy building worlds. Also, it takes up less space on
   their machine, which is a big concern to most graphics customers. In
   addition, it takes less time to install. Since, you are not a typical
   graphics customer and have different needs, we might be able to work
   something out for you.

We are also a combo customer, and I find this distribution style
inconvenient.  I think it would only be useful for sites where all the
systems run the combo world.  In general, sites have to do local
customization of the environment (at least to localize it to the site's
namespace, but also to load layered products and local and 3rd party
products).  If there are both graphics systems and regular systems at the
site it is really inconvenient to have to do this customization twice.  It
is much easier to load the graphics into the site world.

I spoke to Sheryl Avruch in Burlington about our need and she sent us all
the distribution tapes.