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MacIvory can't find tape drive

Symbolics customer support has given up on this one because my MacIvory
configuration is not a `supported' configuration.  Has anyone else seen
anything like this?

I have an Ivory board in IIx with an Apple 80MB internal drive, an Apple
tape drive, and a MicroTech Nova 150MB external drive.  The problem is
that Genera doesn't recognize that a tape drive is attached.  (It turns
out that to find a tape drive genera looks at the id information
returned by each SCSI device.  For some reason the id info that Genera
is getting is garbage; however, other mac programs can read the id info

Because it doesn't recognize the tape drive I can't read any tapes.
This problem occurs under both 7.4 and 8.0.  I was able to install 8.0
by taking the Ivory board out of the IIx and putting it into a IIfx, but
that is not a feasible thing to do on a regular basis.  I've tried
different versions of Apple's system software (6.0.3, 6.0.4, and 6.0.5),
and removing all inits, with no effect.

At the end of this message I've included some detailed information about
the machine configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Gallagher

This is the SCSI device information that I get from SCSI probe (a mac

                   SCSI Probe 2.01
     ID Type  Vendor   Product            Version
     -- ----  -------  ----------------   -----
      0 DISK  QUANTUM  Q280 76-45005      66
      1 16    3M       MCD-40/SCSI        4.00
      3 DISK  MICROP   1674-07MB1033...   APx1
      7 CPU   APPLE    MACINTOSH IIx      6.04

This is the output from Genera's :Show Machine Configuration command

     Macintosh IIx: 68030 CPU, FPA, Symbolics keyboard.
     NuBus slot 9: Radius Inc. Radius TPD p/n Firmware by Ron Marianetti
                   (id #x150) rev V2.1.
     NuBus slot A: National Semiconductor NS8/16 Memory Expansion Card
                   p/n NS8/16 (id #x10F) rev Rev. 2.21, 16MB total, 2.6MW in use.
     NuBus slot B: Symbolics Inc. MacIvory Processor p/n MacIvory-2 (id #x14F)
                   s/n 020858 rev 10.0, Ivory rev2.
     NuBus slot D: Apple Computer/3 Comm EtherNet card p/n Et-1234 (id #x8) rev B 5.0.
     SCSI address 0: direct access, 2 blocks of 1 bytes (2 bytes total).
     SCSI address 1: direct access, 2 blocks of 1 bytes (2 bytes total). 
     SCSI address 3: direct access, 2 blocks of 1 bytes (2 bytes total).

The information about the SCSI devices is garbage, and it can change each
time I boot the machine.  For example, I've also gotten the following:

     SCSI address 0: type #x20 539213954 blocks of 539213953 bytes (270783610G bytes total)
     SCSI address 1: type #x20 539213954 blocks of 539213953 bytes (270783610G bytes total)
     SCSI address 3: type #x20 539213954 blocks of 539213953 bytes (270783610G bytes total)


Symbolics System, FEP0:>Inc-Site-from-Genera-8-0.ilod.1
MacIvory model 2 Processor, 2688K words Physical memory, 13250K words Swapping space.
 Genera                              8.0
 System                              425.39
 CLOS                                406.11
 RPC                                 415.0
 Embedding Support                   407.0
 MacIvory Support                    421.0
 UX Support                          416.0
 Development Utilities               410.1
 Old TV                              408.0
 Zwei                                408.3
 Utilities                           419.1
 RPC Development                     410.0
 MacIvory Development                409.0
 UX Development                      415.0
 Server Utilities                    417.2
 Serial                              409.8
 Hardcopy                            420.3
 Zmail                               417.1
 LMFS                                418.0
 SCSI                                406.0
 Tape                                419.3
 Nsage                               415.5
 Extended Help                       416.0
 CL Developer                        403.1
 Documentation Database              420.0
 Logical Pathnames Translation Files
 Ivory Revision                      2
 IFEP                                317
 Genera application                  5.4.2
 MacIvory SCSI Manager Server        4.1
 Toolbox Servers                     4.1
 MacIvory & RPC library              5.4
 MacIvory life support               3.5.1
 MacOS                               6.0.4
 Machine serial number               20858

UMass Coins BABAR

Finally, this is a report from MacEnvy (a Mac utility).

     Machine:          Macintosh IIx

     Memory:           4096K  (4 megabytes)
     Processor:        Motorola 68030
     Coprocessor:      MC68882 installed
     PMMU Chip:        Installed (in 68030)
     Sound Chip:       Installed (ASC rev.8)
     Graphics:         Color QuickDraw
     Keyboard:         Unknown (kbdType = $27)
     ADB Devices:      15 devices attached
     SCSI Chip:        NCR 53C80 installed
     Clock Chip:       New clock chip (256 bytes)
     ROM Version:      256K (Version 120), rev. 3
     ROM Info:         $97221136 (IIx,IIcx,SE/30)

     System:           Version 6.0.4  (1603K)
     Finder:           Version 6.1.4
     MultiFinder:      Version 6.0.4  (active)
     Localized For:    U.S./Canada (0)
     File System:      HFS (Hierarchical)
     Debugger:         No debugger installed
     RAM Cache:        96K, cache disabled
     Current App:      "DA Handler"
     User Name:        "GBB"
     Printing To:      LaserWriter (5.2)
     AppleTalk:        Version 49 is loaded.
     File Server:      No remote volumes found