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Using X terminals (we have NCD)

    Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 17:00 CST
    From: dmitchell@SPIRIT.trc.amoco.com (Donald H. Mitchell)

    When we display a symbolics console on our NCD terminal, it constantly
    switches between drawing the characters in black or white (which if you don't
    set the background color to something in between makes it very difficult to
    read the output).  NCD says the symbolics sends the ANSI escape codes that
    mean change text color (something like <esc>[0).  Has anyone worked around
    this problem?

I've never noticed this on a monochrome NCD, but I did notice something
like this when I once tried a color NCD.  I didn't notice it constantly
switching color; it would get stuck in one or the other mode, but it was
pretty random.  Doing a "Halt X Screen" and then a "Start X Screen"
would sometimes cause the text to be visible.  I thought it might have
been a problem with the font files.  I was going to recompile
Symbolics's font files with NCD's bdftosnf, but never got around to it.

NCD's answer about escape sequences is completely bogus, as there are no
escape sequences in the X protocol.  The only X-related use of escape
sequences is in the "xterm" terminal emulator.  They probably assumed
that Lispms use xterm as their terminal emulator as Unix does, and that
the application you were running inside the emulator was sending the
escape sequence.  But that's not how Lispms use X.