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[8.0.1 FLOD files and] Customer Reports

    Date: Tue, 04 Dec 90 11:39:02 -0500
    From: mac@trantor.harris-atd.com

      Has anyone heard back from Symbolics on why the 8.0.1 flod files don't work
    on all the machines. (For those of you who don't remember, they work on some
    3620s but not on seamingly identical ones. Clear Machine errors out and resets
    the fep.) Symbolics said they had someone working on it and he'd contact us
    via Email. That was in September and I haven't heard a thing. The local
    Symbolics rep has checked for me and can't find anyone at Symbolics even aware
    of the problem. If anyone has any ideals about this problem, I'd love to hear
    from you.

I haven't heard either.  In fact, they couldn't quite decide how to deal
with my problem, which was that I had rendered one machine unbootable by
installing the new FLODs and deleting the old ones from the disks (after
having tested the FLODs successfully on another machine).  I ended up
borrowing a Breath-of-Life tape from the local customer service folks
and using that to boot the sick machine without using the FLODs on its
disk, then copying the older FLODs to its disk from the file server.

I haven't worried about it much since then; older FLODs seem to work OK.