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1Re: Customer Reports0

    Sorry, I meant to say that if you are running under the new flods and create
    a FEP file (e.g. :create fep file, or copying worlds), you will run into
    this problem. The work around is to boot under the old flods (it will handle
    it fine). Don't ask me why, but it does happen.

I still don't understand.  Are you saying that the problem is 2caused0 
by creating FEP files for the new FLODs while running a world that was
booted using them?  If so, does this imply that booting with the old
FLODs and creating files for the new ones will allow me to then run
successffully with the new ones?  This would not be inconsistent with 
my experience so far, although I'd have to see it work before I really
believe it.