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Re: reporting to customer reports.

    Date: Wed, 5 Dec 1990 14:36-0500
    From: cook@RIVERSIDE.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Kimberly L. Cook)

    We generally respond to phone messages with the two hour limit.  Certainly all
    calls are responded to within the 24 hour response time.  With mail reports, we
    try very hard to respond - with as least an acknowledgement - within the 24
    hour limit.  


My bug report dates and date of first response (for all responses first
received after 1-Oct-90):
Submitted	First response    Working days
10-Oct		22-Oct		  8
2-Aug		16-Oct		  53
31-Jul		17-Oct		  56
19-Sep		24-Oct		  25
20-Sep		25-Oct		  25
31-Oct		2-Nov		  2
1-Nov		8-Nov		  5
21-Nov		(none yet)	  >9
26-Nov		4-Dec		  6

If you ignore the bug reports submitted before October, there are only 4
bug reports.  A small sample.  But only one of those 4 was responded to
in less than 1 week.  (P.S.  One of the replies came to me only, not with
a CC to customer-reports.)

(We are paying $1700+/month for software support and, of course, new releases.)