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Using Sun Ivory across a network....

    Date: Wed, 12 Dec 90 08:19:35 EST
    From: cdwilli@algol.cs.umbc.edu (Chris Willianson (Guest of Al))

    I have a network of Unix boxes -- Suns, Masscomps and Apollos.  All
    are running X Windows, and I can remotely log in from my Masscomp to
    the Sun and execute an X Windows program.

    I'll be installing Ivory boards in the Suns, and I'm wondering:  Can I
    execute my Symbolics programs from the Masscomp or the Apollo?
UX4/1200S systems use X windows to implement the display, so they can
display on any X server.  See the -display and -cl-display options to
the "genera" command.  You would have to remotely login to the Sun to
run the "genera" command itself, but that's the only direct involvement
with the Sun you would need.