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internet <=> uucp

Some time back I remember seeing a message here with an
address that looked something like <person>@UUCP.COM

My question is, how do I address a message from an internet
node to a usenet node and vice versa?

For example, If I am sending from the PACBELL usenet node I
can reach myself on the JAWS usenet node by sending to
sunncal!jaws!jfk    Also, there is a node named SUN on the
usenet which is also named SUN.COM on the internet.
How do I address a message from JFK@CRVAX.SRI.COM to get to
jaws!jfk and vice versa?

Here are the connections:
	   |       uucp			    internet
	sunncal ----------- sun=sun.com ............... crvax.sri.com