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Re: internet <=> uucp

I agree with Barmar; I can also reach almost all uucp sites by
bouncing my mail off uunet. The other thing to try, if that
doesn't work, is to try bouncing it off the Internet site that
is nearest to the uucp site you want (sun.com in the given example).

Ie jfk%jaws.uucp@sun.com  if I follow your example.

This will occasionally work for me for sites that uunet doesn't
recognize. Once your mail gets through the recipient should
be able to reverse the uucp bang path to get back to you.

					- Marty Hall
hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu, hall%aplcen@jhunix.bitnet, ..uunet!aplcen!hall
Artificial Intelligence Lab, AAI Corp, PO Box 126, Hunt Valley, MD 21030