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Can I use a Laserwriter with Symbolics system?...

    Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 17:12:12 EST
    From: cdwilli@algol.cs.umbc.edu (Chris Willianson (Guest of Al))

    My office just picked up an Apple Laserwriter.  I know Symbolics sells
    programs to use these printers, but while programming my 3640 I've
    seen lots of references to PostScript in the sytem software.  Can I
    use the printer right now, or should I lobby the office manager for
    printer software?

The standard system knows how to generate Postscript.  However, there
are two layered products needed to use a Postscript printer.  First,
there is the LGP3 product; this contains a data file that describes the
fonts available on the LGP3 printer (Symbolics's name for the
LaserWriter and compatibles).  Second, if you want to connect the
printer directly to a Lisp Machine, you must get the Print Spooler
software; if you connect the printer to a BSD Unix system (e.g. a Sun or
Ultrix system), you can load the LPD client software which was included
with Genera 8.0.