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compile-flavor-methods for CLOS [really SLUG.etiquette]

   Date: Wed, 19 Dec 90 13:17:58 -0500
   From: hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu (Marty Hall)

    Moon writes:
    > I hope you can understand why lashing out at people who try to help you
    > and calling them bogus decreases their desire to help you in the future.

   Hear, hear. So far, the SLUG mailing list has mostly avoided the flame
   wars that have plagued even the more technically-oriented Usenet groups.
   IMHO, this is an enjoyable and interesting forum, and has been of great
   utility to those of us who are less expert than the Moons and Barmars of
   the world. :-)
					   - Marty
I second this sentiment.  I find slug mail both enjoyable and
interesting, whether addressing a familiar topic or one with which I am not
currently getting experience, such as MacIvory.

By the way, I've really been putting me head to this Moon-Barmar
thing.  You may be familiar with the Shakespearean authorship debate
in literature, regarding who actually penned the bard's works.  I
submit that something like this is going on with Moon-Barmar, and
probably several other pen-names.