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Re: Joshua differences on ivory and 36xx [really customer-reports]

In message entitled "Joshua differences on ivory and 36xx" on Jan  3, 
Strip writes:
> (I did report this to customer-reports, but as my maint contract
> is currently in limbo, I suspect the black hole treatment, 
> (which has, in the past, been sometimes indistinguishable from
> the treatment one gets when the maint contract is current. ;-)
> ))

Actually, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in email support over the
last month or two. All my messages get acknowledged, usually within a few
hours, and I get a relatively prompt reply after that. It seems they've
ironed out some of the (huge) bugs that existed in their support after
the move to Burlington. It's not like the golden days when we got
immediately connected to a knowledgeable person on the first phone call,
but it seems comparable to the support I get from IntelliCorp, Sun, and
					- Marty

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