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Common-Lisp only form of Accept

I'm porting software from the Symbolics to another Common-Lisp system on the
Sun.  I unfortunately make use of the wonderful Accept function that Symbolics
provides and I was wondering if anybody has coded up an equivalent function
in only Common-Lisp with the following caveats.
   1) No use of presentation types, ie. I don't need an mouse clicking to get
      a response to the Accept query.
   2) Need a history mechanism with in-line editting features.
   3) Completion is also needed for types.
   4) I have a function that works like Accept, except that it uses the form
      With-Input-Editting and I think that is another Symbolics specific macro.

Any help would be appreciated.
You can reach me at curte@beowulf.jpl.nasa.gov