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More ?s on save scroll position

I started this all with:
	  Often in scrolling windows (like the terminal simulator) it would be useful
	  to have 'bookmarks', places you can jump to. Has anyone implemented such
	  a thing? How about suggestions about how to do it?

Barmar replied:
      The "Standard Scrolling" command table defines the "Save Scroll
      Position" command, with the accelerator c-m-S, and "Restore Scroll
      Position", c-m-R.  They prompt for a single-character name for the saved

(Naively I add)

However, this does not work in the terminal simulator, since all key strokes seem to get
sent to the remote host, rather than be treated as commands. Is there some easy way to 
get the Save Scroll Position Command to work in the terminal window as well? Perhaps there
is a simple way to say "interpret any c-m sequences locally", which would suffice for me
since any time I use the terminal it is to some stupid device that does not understand
the meta-key.