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    Date: Tue, 8 Jan 1991 13:18 EST
    From: pwtc!delisio@labrea.stanford.edu (Jefferson DeLisio)

    Just recently there was an inquiry on what LISPs and LISP environments
    were available on PC platforms to which some detailed lists were sent
    in reply. Could whoever sent those lists resend them to me. 

It was Jeff Close (jclose@potomac.ads.com) who sent mail to SLUG in October
about this.  I've privately forwarded you a copy of that message just in 
case he didn't.

    I believe the original query specified low cost options. I'm more
    interested in full implementations with some interface features or calls
    out to Windows 3 etc. For instance, rumor has it that GoldHill may be
    shipping some form of its LISP or GoldWorks package. If anyone has 
    information on products like this I'd appreciate hearing about it.

In addition to the implementations he mentioned, though, there's another
obvious choice that I'm surprised didn't get mentioned in either his mail
or subsequent discussion: Symbolics CLOE.  Here's a description of it which
someone here conjured in a comparable format to the one he used, so that 
you can compare it more easily:

 Lisp: CLOE 
 Vendor: Symbolics, Inc.  
 Phone: (617) 221-1000 
 List Price: $4000 for the complete development and runtime systems (runs
  on Symbolics workstation and PC), $625 for additional PC runtime
  license (substantial discounts for quantity purchase). 
 Min. Mem.: 3M 
 Usable Mem.: ALL available extended memory 
 Compiler?: Yes
 Complete CL?: Absolutely complete (CLtL1), plus CLOS, New Flavors, CLIM,
  condition system, LOOP macro, system construction tool (SCT), other stuff.  
 Features/Notes: Companion Symbolics workstation Developer, 
  Stack Frame Debugger, Window System.  

Note that I'm not a marketing person and the info I assembled about prices
is from mail I have from a couple of months ago, so please check with your
sales rep for up-to-date prices, etc.