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Anybody using CLOE (was: LISP on PCs)

Stefan, given your arm's length evaluation of Lispm performance, here's
a halfpenth worth:

Seatbelt needed|        XL3600-Comflagration
Makes one grin |        XL1200-FrameThrower
Motoring       |	XL1200
OK             |3600/70 XL400 UX1200  MacIvory-3-III
               |3620/30               MacIvory-2-IIfx
Dragging a bit |3640          UX400   MacIvory-2-IIx
Can get boring |LM2                   MacIvory-1-II
This is with no respect to what is offered in the environment or how it
is used, ie. a richer environment is likely to reqire more power to
drive well, similarly a cheap toy probably requires little. Similarly,
big boxes generally are better spec'ed - FPA, more memory, faster disks.
No compensation taken for any of this.

Just general impression jumping on a machine and diving into Genera.
Like your pal asks you to hack something on his machine: oh no, a NeXT
cube with Allegro, a AT with GC-Lisp - or goodee, a Paintamation Station.

In general, the two most important things with hacking performance are
(a) is it an embed, the worse with SCSI and (b) how much memory.

Why not mozey down to your local Lisp Machine shop and take a few test
drives. You will be surprised at the public conspiracy to undersell
Lisp Machines and their environments.

Finally, if you are not a hacker, but rather have a hack that you want
to go fast - don't waste money on hardware, hire an artist and thinker
to optimize what you have; you'll be amaized what can be done and how
good you feel about it.