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Case sensitivity (was: CLtL, cleanups)

    Date: Fri, 4 Jan 91 19:12 EST
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)
    I found a better function than SI:RDTBL-TRANS.  There's a *documented*
    function SET-CHARACTER-TRANSLATION.  The calling sequence is

    set-character-translation from-char &optional (to-char nil) (readtable *readtable*)

    If to-char is NIL then the character isn't translated.  So, to get
    case-sensitive reading, do

	    (loop for code from (char-code #\a) to (char-code #\z)
		  do (set-character-translation (code-char code)))

    This function also does some sanity checking that SETF of SI:RDTBL-TRANS
    bypasses; for instance, it won't let you set the translation of a
    readmacro character (except to set it to translate to itself).


Beware that not all "Common Lisp" implementations have successfully (or
accurately) implemented the readtable mechanism.  I have had trouble
with set-character-translation on other systems (Symbolics does it right