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more ?s about the XL3600 ...

    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 1991 10:16-0500
    From: GRoberts@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com (Gary Roberts)
	       One of the first applications we plan to market along with
    the XL3600 is a speaker-independent speech recognition system that is
    able to detect use of the word "UN*X" in continuous speech.  Upon
    detection, a high frequency signal is sent out that is precisely tuned
    to the speaker's alpha waves, creating a reverse-feedback loop that
    blows out the speaker's cerebral cortex and renders him/her incapable of
    further speech.  The question I have for you all is: should we sell this
    application as a layered product, or should we bundle it? 

I think you should pick a few model communities, and donate
it as a public service/demonstration project.  Once you have
a few communities successfully established as Unix Free Zones,
I think you'll be deluged with orders from other communities
who want to protect their children.

Can you start with Cambridge, please?