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more ?s about the XL3600 ...

    From: GRoberts@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Gary Roberts)
    Subject: more ?s about the XL3600 ...

    [...] One of the first applications we plan to market along with
    the XL3600 is a speaker-independent speech recognition system that is
    able to detect use of the word "UN*X" in continuous speech.  Upon
    detection, a high frequency signal [...] blows out the speaker's
    cerebral cortex and renders him/her incapable of further speech. [...]

You would only wind up weeding out Symbolics users and other non-UN*X users.
Not that typical UN*X users don't have cerebral cortexes, just that they don't
know that any other operating system exists, and so they rarely have occasion
to use the word.								--Kanef