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1Re: Lisp code sharing 0

    Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 10:16 EST
    From: miller@SOL.CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

1	Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 06:46:08 -0700
	From: s9274%srl1@LANL.GOV

	This may help, but you still must consider the corporate greed factor.
	Many C programmers work on their own time in their own homes and
	contribute software either from altruistic motives or from a desire for

    Which implies we need cheaper lisp systems that someone can reasonably have
    in their own home, no?

0I presently have two Symbolics machines (a 3600 and a 3640) at my house.
The two of them together cost me less than a decent PC (in fact, I paid
far less for the 3600 than I did for the air conditioner that cools it).
I know of several other people who have acquired Symbolics systems for
home use.  Perhaps you meant to say "new lisp systems," but I suggest
that anyone seriously interested in having their own should talk to
Symbolics or one of the resellers about purchasing a good used machine.

My reasons for not currently producing freeware have more to do with the
demands placed on my time by my clients than anything else.  I certainly
hope that the opportunity for me to once again contribute code to the
SLUG library will present itself before very long.  From my viewpoint,
the main motivation for doing this is the development of greater synergy
within the lisp user community.