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C vs. Lisp

	I think all this debating
	over Lisp versus C might simply fade away if some of the vendors would
	get their act together and provide a truly integrated approach to the
	cooperative use of multiple languages in their software environments.
	Unfortunately, this is difficult to accomplish in Unix.

I'm not sure I agree with the above. I've built systems with the use of
several languages (high-level and special purpose). The real advantage
to me of UNIX and C was that I could use the language which was well
matched to a particular part of the problem to do the job and they were
all link compatible at the C level. None of them was actually C, by the
way -- C would be too slow, tedious, and error prone. 

I do agree that getting out of the C/assembler rut and up to the
conceputal level really is what makes the difference and lisp does make
this a lot easier.