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Zmacs formatter stuff

     For use with m-x Formatting Text, pages 90 through 99 of Book 5
     describe all sorts of commands and environments, only there are not
     enough examples, combined with incomplete descriptions of commands and
     their arguments.
     Does anyone know, is there some other document that I'm supposed to try
     to get a hold of that describes these commands in useful detail???
     Is there a read-me file buried somewhere in Genera sources or

You have several choices:

1. Get a copy of the Scribe manual, since the formatter commands are
similar to Scribe markup.

2. Order Concordia, since the manual for Concordia describes some of the
commands in more detail (the markup language underlying Concordia is an
extension of the formatter stuff). I might also add that Concordia
greatly simplifies the task of creating markup forms.

3. Poke around in the Sage package. A good place to start is the hash
table SAGE::*FORMATTER-DIRECTIVES*. Hash keys are the directive names,

John Krieger
Westinghouse Savannah River Company