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decaching namespace objects from non-namespace servers

We replaced what used to be our default printer with another printer.  We
deleted the old printer object and added the new one.  Our namespace server
never missed a beat; however, the other machines seem to depend on the
namespace they remember (must be in their worlds) and keep trying to print on
the non-existent printer.

What did I do wrong?  Was there someway to prevent the non-namespace servers
from loading the namespace site object before saving the world (and thus
having the wrong default site printer)?  Is there some initialization I could
add to the boot process to read the updated site object (and possibly other
MUST KNOW objects)?  Shouldn't the hosts always get the updated objects for
site, network, and themselves?  Shouldn't they check with the namespace server
before trying to use a host object that they remember from some long time ago?

I'm probably missing something obvious, but all the :show candidates that I've
tried give me no clues.

Don Mitchell			dmitchell@trc.amoco.com
Amoco Production Company	(918) 660-4270
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