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Re: udp network trouble

In article <1991Jan29.093310.27413@bellcore.bellcore.com>  
metal@ztivax.siemens.com (Oliver Gajek) writes:

> Every now and then (and more and more often) my XL400 (TCP/IP, no NFS)
> goes away with network traffic for 4-5 seconds.  The network meters
> indicate an unusually high rate of UDP packets.  How do I find the
> culprit?  I assume it's some Unix box with NFS?

on our network we used to get this because of diskless UN*X boxes trying
to boot with TFTP; we have disabled the TFTP service for this reason,
and don't seem to suffer as much now.  

However, we still get hit with broadcast packets; there is no solution
(?) to this if they're originating on the same subnet as the LISPMs.
If it's a different one, then you can always put in a gateway.