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Print spooler problems [was: UDP Network Trouble]

    Date: Tue, 29 Jan 91 09:01 CST
    From: ian@iexist.att.com (Ian Bruce)

    I don't have exactly the same problem, but my XL1200 and occassionally
    one of the XL400s have hardcopy problems related to the networking. Four
    out of five hardcopy attempts (from the command line, mail, or zemacs)
    will result in the file being stuck in "receiving data" state and hence
    never print. The one in five prints normally. I've lodged a customer
    report, but it (like my hardcopies) fell into a black hole. There is
    something wrong with the XL in these situations.


We've had this exact problem on our 3650 server.  So it's not unique to
XLs.  And Customer-Reports hasn't been able to find it for us either.
The only clue is that it happens most when the network is busy; maybe
there's some kind of race condition in the server code.

 -- Chucko