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Statice internals question answered

The answer to my question:

> Given a Statice db path and a RID in that db, what's the fastest way
> to get (or create) the handle for the entity that has that RID? 

is, obviously (:-) 


Thanks to everyone who answered (some of my replies thanking people
individually bounced).

The answer to the question "why do you need this?" is as follows: We
need to have something like a Statice client running in Lucid on a
Sun. Obviously a true, full-blown client is out of the question; so
instead I wrote a *very* simple high-level protocol that at least
allows some database access from the Sun. But in order to get this to
work, I need a unique id for each entity that I can readily pass back
and forth on a tcp connection. A pair consisting of database-path+RID
provides a simple unique id, and I already knew how to get the RID
from an entity-handle (statice-model::handle-rid). So all I needed was
the inverse. And now I have it.