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Associating an ANSI restart with the Abort key

I am trying to associate an ANSI restart - i.e., a restart defined not
with SCL:CATCH-ERROR-RESTART or its ilk but rather with
FUTURE-COMMON-LISP:RESTART-CASE, which 1is0 supported according to the
Genera 8.0 ECO #1 Notes - with the Abort key in the Debugger.  The
pertinent documentation says:

       2At the Debugger command loop, 3ABORT2 is the same as the Debugger
0       2:Abort (3c-Z2) command.4 2It throws directly to the innermost restart4 2han-
0       2dler that is appropriate for either the current error or the4 5sys:abort
0       2condition.

0The problem is that although my ANSI restart 1is0 listed first among the
Debugger's proceed options (except for the one associated with the
Resume key), the Debugger associates the Abort key with another, outer
restart.  Has anyone successfully associated the Abort key with an ANSI
restart?  Or will this perhaps work in Genera 8.1?

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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