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Associating an ANSI restart with the Abort key

    Date: Mon, 4 Feb 1991 11:56 EST
    Original-From: Larry Mayka <iexist!lgm>
    The problem is that although my ANSI restart 1is0 listed first among the
    Debugger's proceed options (except for the one associated with the
    Resume key), the Debugger associates the Abort key with another, outer
    restart.  Has anyone successfully associated the Abort key with an ANSI
    restart?  Or will this perhaps work in Genera 8.1?

It was one of those little bugs that slipped through the cracks on 8.0
and has been fixed for 8.1.  The fix is straightforward, and I'd send it
to you but it would need to be tested for 8.0 and I'm not equipped to do

If you go through normal bug-reporting channels, they can probably
migrate it back to 8.0 for you if you need it sooner.  (Mention in your
report that whoever takes responsibility for the bug can contact me and
I'll show them what needs to be done.)