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Symbolics system support?

    Date: 5 Feb 91 15:04:24 GMT
    From: dmitchell@APCTRC.msc.edu (Donald H. Mitchell)

    The other problem detail: after you cold boot, once you select a zmail window,
    it's a true pain to get the window to appear on any other console until you
    reboot even if you only have one console at a time.  For example, I booted and
    started a zmail console on my X terminal at home, I killed that genera process
    (and thus that console), the next day I tried to bring up zmail on my Sun at
    work: no can do.  I've worked around it sometimes by weird and unrememberable
    kill window, kill process, select activity, and do the hoki-poki routines, but
    Symbolics says that the only way to start a "new" zmail window is to cold
    boot.  That's a feature that all X windows based symbolics users will love.
    Note, the implications are that if you use a different X windows display to
    bring up your genera console, you are unlikely to be able to access zmail.

To get the ZMail Window on another screen, I go to Peek and kill
any ZMail window which might exist on another screen.  Then I do
the Select Activity.  I haven't found it necessary to kill the

I have found, however, that when displaying ZMail on my Sparc X
screen (running twm or olwm or uwm), the left-mouse click does
not invoke any response in the message window and when composing
messages, .  Shift, Control, Meta, etc with left mouse work fine.
It's just plain ol' left-mouse that doesn't.

Stephen L Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences
Bellevue, Washington USA