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Symbolics system support?

    Date: Tue, 5 Feb 91 12:49 CST
    From: dmitchell@APCTRC.msc.edu (Donald H. Mitchell)

	Date: Tue, 5 Feb 91 10:05 PST
	From: Stephen L Nicoud <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>

	    Date: 5 Feb 91 15:04:24 GMT
	    From: dmitchell@APCTRC.msc.edu (Donald H. Mitchell)

	    The other problem detail: after you cold boot, once you select a zmail window,
	    it's a true pain to get the window to appear on any other console until you
	    reboot even if you only have one console at a time....

	To get the ZMail Window on another screen, I go to Peek and kill
	any ZMail window which might exist on another screen.  Then I do
	the Select Activity.  I haven't found it necessary to kill the

    I was wondering whether this works (because I've done it).  The catch for this
    procedure, however, is that the zmail window has to show up in peek.  If
    you've closed the X console, the window no longer shows up; therefore, you
    have to kill it in peek before halting the X screen.  I've tried sending a
    :kill message to the window object after closing the X screen but that just
    results in sheet lock (I think it gets confused about superiors).  Thanks for
    the good suggestion (now I'll have to figure out how to put it into my logout

The variable of interest is ZWEI:*ZMAIL-WINDOW*, I think.  You can kill it,
but you might find it more useful to reparent it.  Send some other window the
:SCREEN message, and then use that as the argument to the :SET-SUPERIOR
message to the Zmail frame.  You will probably have to play with the size in
order to get this to work adequately.