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Re: Symbolics system support? -- Zmail reusability problem

If I correctly remember how this stuff works, from the days when I made it
work for MacIvory, if the X Windows screen would shut itself down correctly,
the Zmail window would get reused by the next Select M on any screen without
any fuss.  You might compare X screen shutdown to MacIvory screen shutdown
and look for discrepancies.  Users might also try
  (send zwei:*zmail-window* :deactivate)
instead of
    (send zwei:*zmail-window* :kill)
I don't know if this suggestion will work, I don't have any way to test it.

The thing that is weird about Zmail is that it doesn't want to create another
window (and major changes to the architecture of Zmail would be required to
make that work).  But creating a new window when there is already one sitting
around to be reused is a bug anyway.  Zmail and any other windows that were
used on a dead X console should be reusable.