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Re: Symbolics system support? -- Zmail reusability problem

    Date: Wed, 06 Feb 91 11:57:34 
    From: moon@brazil.cambridge.apple.com (David A. Moon)

    If I correctly remember how this stuff works, from the days when I made it
    work for MacIvory, if the X Windows screen would shut itself down correctly,
    the Zmail window would get reused by the next Select M on any screen without
    any fuss.  You might compare X screen shutdown to MacIvory screen shutdown
    and look for discrepancies.  Users might also try
      (send zwei:*zmail-window* :deactivate)
    instead of
	(send zwei:*zmail-window* :kill)
    I don't know if this suggestion will work, I don't have any way to test it.

Has anyone got a spare Ivory board set for Moon's Mac? Were I able to
afford it, I'd ask if he'd accept one as a present.

Maybe he is hinting that such hardware is behind him or has he craftily
procured an alpha XL3600(pm)?

    The thing that is weird [...]