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Re: Editor panes

>I want to have a pane within a program-framework (as constructed by
>dw:define-program-framework) act as a Zmacs editor including
>the minibuffer. Can this be done by a simple specification in the 
>body of the define-program-framework macro or do I have to build
>a whole bunch of code for it? Any ideas?
>Bernd Wild                                                    bwild@fzi.uka.de
>Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
>Dept. Technical Expert Systems and Robotics
>Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 10-14
>D - 7500 Karlsruhe 
>GERMANY                                         Tel.: (+49 | 0) 721 / 6906-310

Using a zwei:standalone-editor-frame in a program framework is pretty straight
forward.  You have to create a flavor that has tv:pane-mixin and
zwei:standalone-editor-frame as superclasses.  This flavor must understand the
:margin-components init keyword.  You can specify this flavor by using the
:flavor option in the pane description of the program framework.  For editing
something, you have to send the pane an :edit message, you cannot do anything
else before you quit editing.

You can also follow the Concordia approach and replace the program toplevel by
the Zmacs toplevel.  This allows you to edit a text and to use menu bars
outside of the editor frame at the same time.  This approach requires more
work, you have to use the undocumented presentation system within Zmacs.  I
don't remember the details and can't access the code right now, ask me if you
need more information.

Andreas Girgensohn