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Flod slow fuse.

My 3630 Genera 8.01 has been running hard since october 1990 without the
slightest hitch.

Suddenly today, I found myself in the FEP without a clue why. Subsequent
efforts to restart and cold boot lead to failure. The hello ran
perfectly, but Clear Machine flashed:
Bus error PC 552272, PSW 20004 Instruction 31571 Address 4 Function-Code 31545

Hardware support were great, but being Friday pm, I was recommended to
try a board swap. After swapping every single board in every possible
combination, no joy whatever.

But the little grey cells twiggled long enough to have me hand load
the last set of flods. Bingo, all comes up rosey.

Scan FEP0:>G208-lisp.flod.4
Scan FEP0:>G208-loaders.flod.4
Scan FEP0:>G208-info.flod.4
Scan FEP0:>G208-debug.flod.2

Scan FEP0:>G208-lisp.flod.7
Scan FEP0:>G208-loaders.flod.7
Scan FEP0:>G208-info.flod.7
Scan FEP0:>G208-debug.flod.6

Just in case I have my facts and suspicions right, though not meaning to
cast nasturtiums, where there a moral to this story: you might like to
ensure that an old set of flods are hanging about the FEP just in case
this slow acting gremlin bites you.