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Conversion to CLOS on a 3600

    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 91 07:40:08 PST
    From: curte@beowulf.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Curt Eggemeyer)

    Presently, I am converting my system over to CLOS in OS 8.0.1.  However, I was
    distressed to learn that the window OS code is still flavor based.  

And probably always will be.  That's a huge chunk of code to convert.
The same probably goes for Zwei (which uses some features, such as
:SPECIAL-INSTANCE-VARIABLES, that aren't easy to emulate in CLOS).

									My system
    internal structures and operation relies heavily on using the display.  Is there
    any easy way to keep my window code in flavors while having the remaining
    portion of my system in the future-common-lisp-user package?

Unless you're defining new window flavors and methods, you shouldn't
have too much trouble.  FCL-USER doesn't inherit from
SYMBOLICS-COMMON-LISP, so you'll need to either import or
package-qualify SCL:SEND.  If you use package prefixes for it, you can
make your intent even clearer by writing TV:SEND.

Similarly, if you do define window flavors and methods, you'll have to

Most other window-system related facilities already require TV: or DW:
prefixes (e.g. TV:MAKE-WINDOW, DW:DYNAMIC-WINDOW), so they shouldn't
need to change.